Frequently Asked Questions

Some of my groomsmen live in distant parts of the country. How can we get the same tuxedos?

The only way to guarantee they'll all be the same is to order everyone's tuxedo from the same company. Have each member of the groom's party complete the form on the Sizing page. They can visit a Joe’s Tux Shop or any formal wear store in their own area to be measured, and send the completed form back to the location where the groom registered. Joe’s Tux Shop can service your wedding party at one location or through any of Joe’s Tux Shop Locations. The tuxedos will be ready and waiting for the groomsmen/ushers when they come to town for the wedding. You can also have out-of-town guests send in their measurements this way.

Can the groom wear a different tuxedo than the groomsmen and ushers

With the exception of child attendants, everyone, including the father of the bride and of the groom, should wear the same type of tuxedo.  What may vary re the accessories. For example, if the male attendants are wearing a colored vest or cummerbund, the groom could wear white or black to set himself apart from the others.

What is appropriate formal wear for a ceremony that begins before 6:00 p.m. with the reception after?

In the past, formal wear style was determined strictly by time of the ceremony. These days the time and style of the reception often indicate the appropriate formal wear. If the ceremony is scheduled at five o'clock in the afternoon and a very dressy dinner will follow at six or seven o'clock, the men should still wear black tie. (If a simpler event is planned, men may dress less formal.) In the daytime, a very formal reception would stipulate that the groom, ushers and fathers wear a morning suit (also called cutaways).

When wearing a cummerbund, which way should the pleats face?

The pleats on a cummerbund should face upwards so they can catch any crumbs that might fall.

What is the difference in lapel styles? Is one style more or less formal than the other?

There are three types of lapels on a tuxedo jacket, the "Peak", the "Notch" and the "Shawl". The three types of lapels create different looks, but do not differ in formality. See Lapels.

I recently received a wedding invitation that stated "Black Tie". Does that mean I have to wear a tuxedo?

Yes, an invitation that states "Black Tie" requires you to dress in a tuxedo. If the invitation states "Black Tie Optional" or "Black Tie Preferred", the host is giving you the option, but you can expect it to be a nice event with most men wearing tuxedos.

Does "Black Tie" mean I can only wear a black tie?

No, any formal accessories are appropriate, depending on the function. The words "Black Tie" on an invitation indicates that you must wear a tuxedo.

What does "White Tie" mean?

The appropriate dress for "White Tie" would be "full dress tails" with a white pique wing shirt, tie, vest, and formal shoes.

When is it appropriate to wear a white dinner jacket?

A white dinner jacket should be worn during spring and summer only (between Memorial Day and Labor Day) and should be worn to a semi-formal or formal event. A white dinner jacket is always acceptable when worn on a cruise.

I have seen different styles of shoes available for rental. If I have a pair of black dress shoes, can I wear those?

Formal shoes are patent leather shoes. High glossed black leather shoes may be worn, but for a truly formal event, patent leather is recommended.